Nov 4 '19 08:51

People in the Netherlands can expect to pay more to send letters or parcels by post next year. According to postal service PostNL, the price increases are necessary to keep the service profitable and running due to the decreasing mail volumes, the Telegraaf reports.

The price of a single postage stamp for a letter sent within the Netherlands will increase from the current 87 cents to 91 cents next year. Stamps for mail abroad will cost 1.50 euros, 5 cents more than now. The price for a December stamp is also increasing by 5 cents, to 0.82 euros.

Dutch postage stamps for mail
Oct 11 '16 14:35

PostNL is increasing the price of stamps. From January 1st the basic rate for domestic mail will be 78 cents. That is an increase of 5 cents per stamp

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