Paul Broer

May 14 '20 11:20

While the roads in the Netherlands are much quieter since the government implemented an intelligent lockdown to fight the coronavirus, the number of fatalities in traffic accidents remained about the same, AD reports based on figures from the police and trafficking engineering office VIA.

Between March 16 and April 26, a total of 62 people died in traffic accidents in the Netherlands. In the past three years, there were 65 traffic deaths in that period. 

May 11 '20 10:36

Paul Broer, the new national infrastructure project manager at the police, plans to make use of new technology in the fight against dangerous driving behavior. He is looking into using things like smart cameras and so-called radar cars to catch speeders and people using their phone behind the wheel, he said in an interview with the Telegraaf.

Laughing gas canisters
Aug 12 '19 12:50

The number of traffic incidents involving laughing gas is skyrocketing, the Dutch police said in a statement. "We see people making dangerous maneuvers in traffic because they are filling up a balloon or have one in the mouth", police inspector Paul Broer said. "Even thought the effect of laughing gas is short-lived, it has a direct effect on driving ability."

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