parking fine

Jun 24 '19 19:00

The use of camera scanning vehicles by municipalities to issue parking fines resulted in a spectacular increase in the number of such fines. The number of issued fines jumped by dozens of percentage points in many municipalities after they started using these scanning vehicles, AD reports based on figures requested from large Dutch municipalities.

Apr 26 '19 08:58

Amsterdam is increasing its fines for not paying for paid parking substantially from July 1st. Drivers who don't pay their parking in the capital currently face a fine composed of a base rate of 47.60 euros, plus the hourly parking rate in the area and administrative costs. From July that base rate will increase to the maximum allowed 62.70 euros, the Telegraaf reports.

The base rate is calculated by dividing the expected annual costs of parking enforcement by the expected number of fines expected to be imposed, a spokesperson for the municipality explained to the newspaper.

Feb 2 '15 07:42

On Saturday the court ruled that people in Amsterdam do not have to enter their license plate number into the parking meter.

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