Amsterdam increases parking fines to maximum

Amsterdam is increasing its fines for not paying for paid parking substantially from July 1st. Drivers who don't pay their parking in the capital currently face a fine composed of a base rate of 47.60 euros, plus the hourly parking rate in the area and administrative costs. From July that base rate will increase to the maximum allowed 62.70 euros, the Telegraaf reports.

The base rate is calculated by dividing the expected annual costs of parking enforcement by the expected number of fines expected to be imposed, a spokesperson for the municipality explained to the newspaper.

"The new cost allocation in Amsterdam leads to an amount of 66.64 euros. This is above the nationally set maximum of 62.70 euros. The new base rate in Amsterdam will therefore be 62.70 euros from 1 July 2019", the spokesperson said. The rate for installing and removing a wheel clamp stays the same, according to the spokesperson. 

On top of that base rate, fines also include administration fees and the hourly parking rate in the area at least once. The hourly rate can be added to the fine more than once, depending on how long a car is parked in an area without paying. 

In 2017 Amsterdam raised 205.2 million euros in parking fees. In 2013 that amount was 165.1 million euros, according to the Telegraaf.