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Veggie skewers
May 7 '20 11:10

The vast majority of Netherlands residents didn't change their eating habits when the country went into intelligent lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus, according to a survey by the Nutrition Center among over a thousand Dutch aged 18 or older, AD reports.

83 percent of respondents told the Nutrition Center that they did not start eating differently after the coronavirus measures came into effect. 70 percent don't eat more or less than before, and 73 percent don't eat more often than at other times. 

Burger patties
Feb 25 '20 16:00

Vegan burgers often contain more salt than recommended by the Netherlands Nutrition Center, but so do meat burgers. On average, vegan burgers contain less fat than their meaty counterparts, according to a study by Dutch consumers' association Consumentenbond, NOS reports.

The Consumentenbond tested 16 meat substitute burgers and compared them to their meat counterparts.

Chocolate spread
Dec 16 '19 09:20

Chocolate spread marketed for babies "from the age of 8 months" by De Kleine Keuken won the most misleading product of the year award by food watchdog Foodwatch. The chocolate spread got 23 percent of the more than 10 thousand votes.

Dec 3 '19 13:50

The average Joe in the Netherlands eats dinner at the table, usually a home cooked meal, and does not watch television or use their phone during dinner time, according to a study by the Nutrition Center, AD reports.

The Nutrition Center questioned a thousand people in the Netherlands about their eating habits. 52 percent said they talk with a partner or family members during dinner, a quarter said they watch TV, and 2 percent said they check social media. Around 20 percent said they have dinner with no distractions at all.

Child drinking water
Sep 25 '19 12:50

Today is the first ever 'Tap Water Day' in the Netherlands. Today, kids will only get water to drink at school and will get lessons on water and its benefits, in an effort to make water drinking more normal than drinking sugary sodas. State Secretary Paul Blokhuis of Public Health kicked off Tap Water Day at primary school Diamant in Het Rooster in Apeldoorn, RTL Nieuws reports.

Grocery shopping
Jun 24 '19 08:49

Almost all products on special offer in Dutch supermarkets are unhealthy for the consumer or fall outside the recommended guideline for healthy eating by the Dutch Nutrition Center, supermarket comparator Stichting Questionmark found in a study, the Volkskrant reports.

Child with apple
Nov 17 '17 08:52

The majority of children under the age of 13 in the Netherlands eat less fruit, vegetables and fish than the Nutrition Center recommends, according to a health survey by Statistics Netherlands in collaboration with the RIVM and the Nutrition Center. In the period between 2014 and 2016 less than four in ten children ate enough fruit, just over four in ten ate enough vegetables, and little more than half ate enough fish.

The health survey is annually conducted among around 1,100 children. Researchers question the kids' parents about the food they eat. 

Sep 28 '16 15:30

The Green Happiness diet - a plant-based diet without meat, fish and gluten - has serious shortages that can cause irreparable damage, a spokesperson for the Dutch Nutrition Center said to BNR.

Apr 5 '16 08:51

The lower a person's education level, the more likely it is that he has weight problems, according to figures from the Lifestyle Monitor 2015. A massive 65 percent of adults with only a primary school education are overweight and 25 percent are obese, compared to 35 percent overweight and 6 percent obese among those with a high level of education.

Mar 22 '16 15:40

The Dutch Nutrition Center presented new nutrition recommendations on Tuesday, the first completely new recommendations since 2004. The Center advises more vegetables and less mea

Jul 8 '15 14:50

The Dutch population is increasingly staying away from milk. A massive 21 million fewer liter cartons of milk was sold in 2014, compared to 2013. In the past 15 years, the amount of milk consumed in the Netherlands dropped by more than a third, RTL Nieuws reports.

Jun 17 '15 15:55

More and more Dutch people are doing more to reduce food waste in their homes, like eating less meat and not throwing away leftovers.

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