Sep 8 '14 10:40

Patient and doctor organizations are blowing the whistle on benefit agencies and health insurers asking unwarrantedly for patients' full medical records. They warn patients that this is not always necessary.

Nursing Home
Apr 3 '14 15:53

Around 200 elderly people have been forced to move as their nursing homes are going to close. They have been announcing themselves at housing centers.

Apr 17 '13 16:16

Terminally ill patients can get faster access to test medicines via MyTomorrows, a community created by Sjaak Vink. It is the first time that inventors, doctors and patients are brought together.

Apr 11 '13 17:21

“Health insurance needs to become cheaper after the providers made a profit of 1,4 billion euro last year”. A representative of patient association NPCF said that on Thursday.

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