King and Queen
Jul 22 '14 10:33

King Willem-Alexander says that he is deeply saddened by the tragic fate of flight MH17. In a speech at a gathering for the families of the victims in Nieuwegein, the Dutch King spoke on behalf of the Royal Family about the next steps to take as a country as well as a society.

Jul 21 '14 10:26

Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will join Prime Minister Mark Rutte and several Ministers and State Secretaries in a gathering today for surviving relatives of the people who died in the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash in Ukraine.

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Jun 11 '14 16:09

A woman who tried to save some children from the Zijpe, close to Sint Philipsland in Zeeland. She passed away at a hospital.

Apr 8 '14 09:39

A 31-year old man from Hoorn has had a 20-year prison sentence demanded against him by the public prosecutor in Utrecht after the prisoner was involved in two stabbings.

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Jan 17 '14 20:28

The 22-year-old C.P. and the 21-year-old J. van de S. from Nieuwegein heard sentences of up to 1 year against them, Friday, before the court in Utrecht, for the trade and storage of illegal fireworks late 2012.


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