Minister Melanie Schultz

Call box
Oct 3 '14 11:48

Minister Melanie Schultz has told Parliament that the emergency roadside call boxes next to highways and provincial roads will definitely be a thing of the past per the 1st of July 2017.

Jul 21 '14 08:05

The newly renovated Coentunnel at Amsterdam was opened at 5 a.m. Monday morning without incident. The renovated tunnel is bound to the new, Tweede Coentunnel (Second Coentunnel), and is entirely open to traffic. There was no ceremonial opening, due to the MH17 plane crash in Ukraine.

Jun 18 '14 08:53

The fusion of the provinces North-Holland, Utrecht and Flevoland into one big super province, Noordvleugel, is losing speed every day, according to sources of De Volkskrant. The Cabinet will likely scrap the idea entirely at the end of the week, as political opinions on this topic are not flexible.

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