Marchano Pocorni

Dec 30 '15 14:03

If no one else is murdered in Amsterdam this week, the number of murders in the city this year will be at a record low of just 15

Mar 16 '15 14:51

The life-partner of assassinated Amsterdam criminal Marchano Pocorni passed away in Suriname early Monday morning.

Mar 3 '15 08:56

Warning: the video depicts graphic violence and may be shocking to some people.
A video of the assassination of Amsterdam criminal Marchano Pocorni (37) has been released. Pocorni was killed in a cafe in Suriname early yesterday morning.

Mar 2 '15 13:26

A man who narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in a café in Amsterdam Oost last year was killed in a café in Paramaribo Noord in Suriname early this morning.

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