Lucy van der Helm

Road rage
Mar 4 '19 10:50

People in the Netherlands are increasingly mean to each other, with unkind behavior like tailgating, ignoring cashiers in the supermarket, harassing public transport staff, not giving others a chance in traffic, and hateful messages on social media, according to research by the foundation for ideal advertising SIRE. The organization is therefore launching a 'be nice' campaign with the hashtag #doeslief, to make people aware of their antisocial behavior, NOS reports.

Foundation SIRE's let boys be boys campaign
Jul 25 '17 12:55

Boys must be given more room to be boys, according to a campaign launched by foundation SIRE this week. 'Boy behavior' like wrestling, fighting and taking risks, is too often discouraged and that is detrimental to boys' development, according to the foundation.

SIRE is a foundation dedicated to brining underexposed topics to the attention of Dutch society.

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