Jul 16 '15 10:32

Consumers' group foodwatch wants supermarkets Albert Heijn and Jumbo to remove dozens of products from their shelves because they contain controversial food dyes that could "adversely affect activity and attention in children"

Jun 5 '15 10:44

An explosive was placed at a Jumbo supermarket on Overwinngingsplein in Groningen on Sunday night. The explosive went off, damaging a window.

May 22 '15 09:14

Supermarket chain Jumbo and C1000 is recalling all Italian chicken salads. Due to a manufacturing error, raw chicken was added to the salads instead to cooked chicken, which could lead to consumers getting salmonella, NOS reports.

May 18 '15 10:01

A number employees of the Jumbo supermarket on Boutenslaan in Eindhoven have been dismissed for assaulting a customer who was suspected of shoplifting two weeks ago.

May 6 '15 18:21

A customer reportedly abused by the staff in a Jumbo store in Eindhoven on Saturday called the situation "medieval," in an anonymous letter to broadcaster Omroep Brabant. He was physically restrained, accused by personnel of stealing a bottle of wine, but police on the scene sided with customer.

May 4 '15 10:36

Staff at the Jumbo Supermarket branch at Boutenslaan in Eindhoven roughed up a customer Saturday, after they mistakenly mistook him for a thief. The man has filed a complaint and supermarket management have said they will investigate the incident.

Apr 10 '15 15:14

The supermarket chain Jumbo claims to be the first Dutch grocery store to allow contactless purchases in all of its stores, the company said in a statement on Friday. New debit card machines installed over the next few weeks will work with the newer generation of bank cards, the company promised.

Apr 1 '15 16:51

Supermarket chain Jumbo will expand its market by going online and, in so doing, challenge current market leader Albert Heijn. Initially, the chain will only open points for grocery pick-up, but its plans also foresee home-delivery service, z24 reports.

Mar 23 '15 14:40

Beer label Oranjeboom and soft drink Ranya are making a comeback on the shelves of supermarkets, Volkskrant reports.

Feb 24 '15 13:11

A pricing conflict has driven supermarket chains Jumbo and C1000 to boycott several Douwe Egberts and Ferrero products.

Feb 24 '15 11:44

Stores often refuse to take old light-bulbs for recycling. Despite an increasing number of stores getting collection bins for old light bulbs to be recycled, a sixth of stores still refuse these light bulbs or simply throw them away.

Feb 9 '15 10:50

A number of Jumbo stores in the Netherlands has decided to only sell Nutrilon baby milk powder to customers who spend at least 10 to 25 euros, Trouw reports. With this measure the supermarkets hope to keep away traders who buy Nutrilon in bulk only to resell it to China.

Jan 15 '15 14:06

Ahold has announced a transfer of leadership, with Wouter Kolk named the new CEO of Albert Heijn and Executive Committee member at Ahold, the company said in a statement

Dec 16 '14 22:31

Albert Heijn supermarkets are selling deformed fruits and vegetables at a quarter of the standard selling price. The company is doing this in an attempt to reduce excessive food wastage, reports business news website Z24.

Oct 31 '14 11:21

The Jumbo supermarkets are going to start selling edible insects.

Broiler chicken
Oct 3 '14 10:50

Supermarket chain Jumbo has announced that factory farmed chickens will stop being sold in stores at the end of next year, Omroep Brabant reports.

Aug 29 '14 10:34

In Sweden and Denmark, selling sweets and chocolates at the checkout counter is illegal. Now, some stores in The Netherlands are also going to relieve shoppers of that last moment of temptation by replacing fatty and sweet snacks with healthier options such as snack vegetables, nuts and rice cakes, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

Aug 21 '14 10:49

Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn is suffering under the growth of other chains like Jumbo and Lidl, according to quarter figures from mother company Ahold. Profits at Ahold dropped from €206 to €147 million last quarter while turnover dropped more than four percent to 7.4 billion, the NOS reports.

Buffalo Farm (Source: Twitter/@flamingredapple)
Aug 20 '14 15:08

Animal Welfare organization Vier Voeters is shocked over the assumed mistreatment of male calves in the production of buffalo mozzarella in Italy. Buffalo mozzarella is available in every supermarket and is especially popular with vegetarians, writes Nieuws.nl.

Broiler chicken
Jun 24 '14 11:59

Supermarkets in The Netherlands are still, despite promises to change the situation, selling broiler chickens. Animal rights organization Wakker Dier reports that most supermarket stalls are still full of factory farm chicken meat.

Mar 26 '14 07:43

Supermarket chains have been forced to take measures after a broadcast from TROS Radar revealed the desperate situation in slaughterhouses for horses in North- and South America. The programme showed images of horses suffering before they are slaughtered.

Feb 27 '14 15:59

Chain supermarket, Jumbo, is very unhappy with the radio ads by "Wakker Dier," where they call on customers to 'no longer buy the horrible cut-prize chicken' from Jumbo.

Jan 9 '14 11:26

Bakkersland, the largest industrial bakery company in the Netherlands, admitted that asbestos released in ovens at its factories in recent years.

Dec 6 '13 19:19

Meat processor VION did indeed commit fraud with meat, confirmed two new whistle blowers to Omroep Brabant. A section of VION falsely sold 11,000 kg of pork meat as organic ham last year Summer.


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