La Place - Amsterdam Kalverstraat V&D
Feb 12 '16 10:18

With the acquisition of La Place, supermarket chain Jumbo is getting rid of the restaurants' toilet matrons to make using the bathrooms free of charge

Feb 4 '16 10:55

Many popular children's drinks contain as much, if not more, sugar than soda, according to a study done by food watchdog Foodwatch. Consuming too much sugar can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart problems and strokes.

La Place - Amsterdam Kalverstraat V&D
Jan 26 '16 17:55

Dutch supermarket firm Jumbo will take over the reigns of La Place restaurants in a deal approved by the administrators overseeing the restaurant parent, V&D’s bankruptcy. Jumbo will initially take over 60 restaurants, the company’s assets and its headquarters, the administrators announced on Tuesday.

Jan 5 '16 09:46

Supermarket chain Jumbo is scrapping 190 of the 925 jobs at headquarters in a reorganization following the Jumbo-C1000 merge. Compulsory redundancies can not be excluded

Dec 29 '15 08:10

The three largest supermarkets in the Netherlands - Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Lidl - will no longer be selling battery farm chicken from early this year, Wakker Dier announced in a press release on Monday. According to the animal rights organization, this means that nearly half of all Dutch poultry consumption will be battery farm chicken free

Dec 15 '15 15:05

Nearly 400 supermarkets will be open on Christmas Day across the Netherlands this year. Although that is only about ten percent of all stores in the country, it is double the number of last year’s open stores.

Nov 13 '15 16:35

Trees Wolters from The Hague thought her luck had turned when the Jumbo supermarket in Leyweg called to say they had found her lost dentures. Only after putting them in did the 71 year old woman discover that the dentures weren't hers.

Oct 29 '15 13:36

The Jumbo supermarket on the Nederlanderplein in Eindhoven went all out with their Halloween decorations this year, so much so that it drove one toddler to tears.

Veggie burger
Oct 28 '15 16:40

The meat substitute manufacturing "vegetarian butcher" has raised an astounding 2,5 million euros in just three weeks after the launch of his crowdfunding funding campaign. The campaign was launched to attract funds for the building of a new factory in Breda, with a reported capacity to produce 50 million vegetarian meal components each year.

Oct 14 '15 08:58

Alex O., the 50 year old man arrested on Friday in connection with the Jumbo supermarket bombings and extortion, was the mastermind behind a series of very violent robberies in the 1990's. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison by the court in Leeuwarden in 1993.

Oct 13 '15 18:00

The two accused, a 50-year-old father and his 15-year-old teen son, have been arrested on suspicion of extortion, and the father for planting explosives at the Jumbo supermarket chain earlier in this year. The men were arrested last Friday when they attempted to extort a Jumbo store.

Oct 13 '15 17:00

A 50-year-old father and his minor son that have been arrested in connection with the extortion and bombings of Jumbo supermarket chain stores, that occurred in this year, have been charged, a source close to the investigation told broadcaster RTV Noord.

Oct 13 '15 11:17

On Friday the Groningen police arrested two suspects in connection with the extortion and bombings of several stores of supermarket chain Jumbo over the past few months. The suspects are in custody and will be questioned by the police in the coming days.

Oct 1 '15 20:15

Albert Heijn grocery stores will continue to use the blackface character Zwarte Piet as part of their winter holiday promotions around the Sinterklaas holiday. “We are sincerely bothered that cultural practices around the beloved Sinterklaas parties may be offensive,” parent company Ahold said in a statement.

Sep 17 '15 09:20

Supermarket chain Jumbo will be using both the traditional Zwarte Piet and light skinned Pieten on their packaging and advertisements this year due to the public debate over the character.

Sep 14 '15 12:14

The police are investigating two fires at supermarkets in The Hague and Rijswijk on Sunday afternoon. Investigating officers are assuming arson was involved in both fires.

Sep 2 '15 10:36

The police have offered a 10 thousand euro reward for the tip that leads to the arrest of the suspect who has been extorting the Jumbo supermarket chain. The suspect has planted explosives at several Jumbo branches in Groningen and Zwolle and is demanding an amount in Bitcoins to stop.

Aug 26 '15 12:05

The police have received 465 tips and questions regarding the person planting explosives at Jumbo supermarkets since details regarding the case were released earlier this month. The case file on the police website has been visited nearly 100 thousand times. No one has been arrested so far.

Aug 17 '15 15:31

A company inspector working at the Jumbo supermarket chain has to pay 30 thousand euros in compensation for hacking into nearly 100 corporate laptops.

Aug 14 '15 16:30

The suspicious package found at the Jumbo supermarket in Rosmalen earlier on Friday proved to be a false alarm. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal team found an item with a dying battery in the package, according to the police. The item was beeping because of the low battery.

Aug 14 '15 14:22

The Jumbo supermarket on Pastoor van Thiellaan in Rosmalen had to be evacuated on Friday after the discovery of a suspicious package, the police announced on Twitter. Experts are examining the package.

Aug 14 '15 10:00

The police had wanted to keep the birthday card filled with explosive dust that was delivered to the Jumbo store in Zwolle last month a secret. They only released the information after the local residents became unsettled when noticing the extra security measures taken at the Jumbo stores in Zwolle.

Aug 13 '15 08:48

The person who has been placing bombs at a number of Jumbo stores is demanding a large amount of bitcoins to stop. The police have released information about the case in the hopes that this will bring in tips that will lead to the perpetrator's arrest.

Aug 6 '15 15:24

A suspicious package found in front of a Jumbo supermarket on July 1 was found to contain explosive material that could be used in creating a bomb. The item was dropped off by an unknown person at the shop in Zwolle, Overijssel, police revealed Wednesday evening.


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