industrial terrain

Family with three young children found living in a vacant building on a Delft industrial estate, 2 February 2019
Feb 4 '20 07:25

A family with three young children was found living in an empty building on an industrial estate in Delft on Saturday morning, the Delft police said on Facebook. The father approached two community police officers and asked for their help.

The father said his family had been living in the building for some time, because they couldn't find an aid agency to help them. "He ran into closed doors with the aid agencies and was unable to find the right people," the police said. 

Police at the Moerdijk industrial estate, where dozens of stowaways were found, 5 Sept 2018
Sep 7 '18 08:32

The police found dozens of stowaways on the industrial estate in Moerdijk this week. A total of 32 were found on Wednesday, and another seven on Tuesday. Undocumented migrants are often found in Moerdijk, trying to get to England via the seaport in the Noord-Brabant town, NOS reports.

Chemelot industrial terrain in Geleen
Dec 29 '16 08:26

Two people were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries sustained by a sudden burst of flame from a machine on the Chemelot industrial site in Geleen on Wednesday, ANP reports.

The burst of flame came from a furnace, Chemelot said on Wednesday. It resulted in a so-called naphtha cracker - where petroleum products are made workable - catching fire. The fire was quickly brought under control and extinguished. 

The cause of the fire is still unclear. The Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate, formerly the Labor Inspectorate, is investigating.

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