Henry Keizer

May 18 '17 15:55

Henry Keizer is permanently resigning as chairman of the VVD, NU.nl reports. He previously stepped down temporarily pending the outcome of an integrity investigation into a business deal dating from 2012.

Henry Keizer
May 3 '17 09:36

Henry Keizer is temporarily stepping down as chairman of the VVD while the party's Integrity Committee investigates a seemingly shady business deal he was involved in in 2012. The VVD stands behind Keizer as he awaits the outcome of the investigation, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said, BNR reports.

Henry Keizer
Apr 28 '17 13:35

VVD chairman Henry Keizer is under fire for a seemingly shady business deal dating from 2012. According to research journalists Follow the Money, Keizer and his business partners bought funeral home De Facultatieve for far below market price. And at the time of the sale, Keizer was not only the buyer, but also the advisor and chairman of the funeral home he eventually bought. Keizer insists he acted with integrity and that "nobody was favored and disadvantaged" in the deal, he said to the press on Friday, NU.nl reports.

Aug 29 '16 14:00

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is hoping for third term as Prime Minister of the Netherlands after the elections in March 2017. He also wants another term as leader of the VVD. "I'm continuing. I feel an incredible urge to keep going", he said to the Telegraaf.

Hans de Haan
Jun 4 '15 16:25

The Gelderland VVD council members must not travel in second class, said faction leader Hans de Haan. Second class is not "for our people," De Haan said to broadcaster Omroep Gelderland, adding that party members should only travel in first class.

May 26 '15 09:54

The VVD wants an electoral threshold to be established in parliamentary elections. The party is concerned about how difficult it may become to govern the Netherlands now that the politics are increasingly fragmenting.

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