Mark Rutte wants another term as Prime Minister

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is hoping for  third term as Prime Minister of the Netherlands after the elections in March 2017. He also wants another term as leader of the VVD. "I'm continuing. I feel an incredible urge to keep going", he said to the Telegraaf. 

Rutte already informed the VVD management of this intention. According to the newspaper, the party embraced it immediately and officially nominated Rutte as leader of the VVD.

According to party chairman Henry Keizer, Rutte already proved in "difficult times" that he has much to offer the Netherlands. "He is extremely motivated to take further steps, based on what has already been done, to make the Netherlands an even better country. Mark Rutte is for us simplly the absolute dream candidate."

The most recent poll by Maurice de Hond shows that 60 percent of Dutch voters