May 18 '17 14:40

Residents of the medium-sized Gelderland city of Ede are the happiest in the Netherlands, according to the Atlas for Municipalities. Alphen aan den Rijn and Amstelveen follow in second and third place. People in Rotterdam are the most unhappy in the country, closely followed by Amsterdam, the Volkskrant reports.

Mar 20 '17 08:38

The Netherlands landed in sixth place, bumping Canada down one spot, in this year's survey of the world's happiest countries. The list is published annually by the United Nations. The news comes on the same day that the official statistics office of the Netherlands reports that nearly 90 percent of the population describes themselves as "happy."

Norway took the top spot on the list, an honour that went to Denmark a year ago. The ten happiest nations are:

Oct 3 '16 09:07

Alcohol use costs Dutch society between 2.3 billion and 2.9 billion euros a year, according to a study by health organization RIVM in the possession of newspaper Trouw.

Nov 2 '15 08:20

People in the Netherlands are generally a happy folk, with 85 percent being satisfied with their lives. Men experience more positive emotions about their lives, while women find life more meaningful

Sep 1 '13 01:27

In South Rotterdam people can use an exchange currency to pay for certain services, starting Tuesday. This new type of currency is called the Zuiderling. One Zuiderling is worth half an hour. Residents may hire other residents, for instance for a piano lesson or to prepare a meal.