Green Amazon parrot found in the Zwanenmeerbos near Gieten
May 7 '20 12:50

Police in Aa en Hunze, a small town in Drenthe, said they were looking for the owner of a green Amazon parrot found by a local resident. The bird was trained to speak words in the Dutch language, and was also able to mimic someone whistling the children's tune, "Papegaaitje leef je nog?"

It was found on Tuesday in the Zwanenmeerbos near Gieten, police said. The resident handed the bird over to the police, who have since been searching for its owner.

Police first asked its Twitter followers about the bird the day it was found, and again on Wednesday.

Heavy rains cause the roof of a car dealer in Assen to collapse, 13 May 2018
May 14 '18 07:39

Heavy rains caused many problems in large parts of northern Netherlands on Sunday night. On Twitter local residents complained about flooded streets and buildings, and even water streaming out of the toilet.

Drenthe saw a total of 63 millimeters of rain on Sunday evening, RTL Nieuws reports. Usually the whole Netherlands gets 61 millimeters of rain in the entire month of May. 

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