Is this your parrot? Owner of Dutch-speaking exotic bird sought

Green Amazon parrot found in the Zwanenmeerbos near Gieten
Green Amazon parrot found in the Zwanenmeerbos near Gieten. May 5, 2020Politie Aa en HunzeTwitter

Police in Aa en Hunze, a small town in Drenthe, said they were looking for the owner of a green Amazon parrot found by a local resident. The bird was trained to speak words in the Dutch language, and was also able to mimic someone whistling the children's tune, "Papegaaitje leef je nog?"

It was found on Tuesday in the Zwanenmeerbos near Gieten, police said. The resident handed the bird over to the police, who have since been searching for its owner.

Police first asked its Twitter followers about the bird the day it was found, and again on Wednesday.

"It was a coincidence that the animal was found. There is a forest path by the pool. There we saw a red car. We spoke to the driver, because we thought she might be in trouble. And then this happened," Eddy Mulder of the Aa and Hunze police told RTV Drenthe.

Instead of being handed over to the animal ambulance, the woman who found the bird will foster it. "The lady who found it had previously had a parrot of her own. And the animal was already familiar on her shoulder, so we figured it was all right."