Frits Bakker

Geert Wilders
Dec 30 '16 10:45

PVV leader Geert Wilders is not undermining the legal system with about "" and "", a

Lady Justice (Photo: Roland Zumbuehl/Wikimedia Commons)
Oct 28 '16 11:40

From today there will be no more mediation between offenders and victims in Dutch criminal cases - The Ministry of Security and Justice's money for this part of the legal system is done and running trials have been stopped, Trouw reports. No money is allocated for mediation in 2017.

May 12 '16 09:33

Finance for the judiciary is currently too much of a political choice and that has to change, Frits Bakker, president of the Council for the Judiciary, writes in the council's annual report. "The budget for the Judiciary should not be dependent on the budget of the Minister of Security and Justice"