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Dec 26 '16 11:20

Three young men from Hoogezand-Sappemeer in Groningen were killed in a car accident in Groningen on Christmas eve. Their football clubs HS'88 and vv Froombosch opened their doors to family and friends for a vigil on Sunday. They also opened a condolence register, NOS reports.

Oct 7 '16 11:35

A number of amateur football clubs are cancelling matches and practices on artificial turf fields after reports that they may contain carcinogenic substances

May 12 '16 12:00

The Tax Authorities' investigative service FIOD arrested two people on Thursday on suspicion of tax fraud at a football club in the league. The Public Prosecutor believes they paid a number of amateur footballers' salary's under the table and in cash, in this way lowering their payroll tax and benefits contributions.

Mar 3 '16 09:51

The 32 Dutch municipalities that have professional football clubs spent at least 240 million euros over the past decade to support these clubs, according to a study done by Nieuwsuur. This involves loans, standing guarantee for loans, subsidies and stadium purchases, among other things.

Nov 17 '15 12:04

Hokey clubs in Utrecht and Groenekan are warning parents about an unidentified man approaching kids near the clubs. The man approached children at the Voordaan hockey club in Groenekan as well as the Voordorp sports park in Utrecht.

Dec 23 '14 13:23

The Rotterdam gay ambassadors are quitting after four years. The reason for this is that the seven prominent Rotterdam residents, who on behalf of the city worked to make homosexuality an approachable topic, can not get access to professional football clubs in the city. This said the ambassadors in Trouw today.

May 8 '14 13:53

According to the court in The Hague, the tax hike on the rich that the Cabinet introduced is not against the law or international treaties.

Jan 29 '14 16:29

Inspection of football fields of two football clubs in Nieuw-Weerdinge in Drenthe, just prior to a match, turned up half-buried broken beer bottles, sticking out of the grass just barely. Nobody got hurt.

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