Child predator has field hockey clubs cautioning parents

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Hockey clubs in Utrecht and Groenekan are warning parents about an unidentified man approaching kids near the clubs. The man approached children at the Voordaan hockey club in Groenekan as well as the Voordorp sports park in Utrecht.

"Last Friday afternoon a pupal of our association was approached/harrassed by a strange man near Voordaan", the club writes on its website. "The child acted very well by cycling away. It has been reported to the police."

Voordaan advises parents not to let their kids cycle to and from the hockey club by themselves. The child predator also approached kids at the Voordorp sports park in Utrecht, Bart van Steen, president of the football club Sporting '70 told RTV Utrecht.

He emphasized that the man only approached the kids, and nothing else happened. Hockey club UNO and football club Hercules are also located in the park.