Jul 20 '18 12:50

Driving while tired is just as dangerous as driving when you've had too much to drink, safe traffic association VVN warns as the summer holidays are about to start in the Netherlands, RTL Nieuws reports.

Many Dutch are going away on holiday. But driving long distances can make you tired, which results in slower response rates and finding it more difficult to keep on course, according to the VVN. Sleepy drivers also make less use of their car's mirrors, which means they are less aware of the road around them. This increases the chance of traffic accidents.

Feb 14 '18 08:48

Women are slightly more likely to suffer from burnout symptoms than men, according to a study by Statistics Netherlands and TNO. Young women between the ages of 25 and 35 most often suffer psychological fatigue from work.  

Cockpit of Air France
Dec 21 '16 13:45

Dutch pilots association VNV is worried that aviation safety falls below budgeting interests on the priority lists of especially low-cost airlines, a spokesperson said to NRC. The association calls for measures to improve safety in air traffic.

Nov 3 '14 09:37

Pediatricians are calling for a ban on energy drinks for children under 13 years of age.

Feb 11 '14 15:41

Men who are overweight are at higher risk of erectile dysfunction and loss of libido, which in turn is a precursor of cardio vascular diseases within 2-5 years, according to Urologist Herman Leliefeld.

Aug 21 '13 08:03

'Aerotoxic syndrome' has raised concerns in the Netherlands.

Jun 18 '13 06:36

A recent study in the Netherlands shows that there is no real link between weather and the worsening symptoms of fibromyalgia, particularly pain.

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