dog fighting

Pit bull in a cage
Nov 1 '19 14:20

Three men and a woman from the province of Utrecht were convicted for organizing dog fights, animal abuse, and breeding fighting dogs. One was given a prison sentence, the rest various lengths of community service. They are also banned from owning dogs for three years, NOS reports.

The court considered it proven that the four organized and filmed at least four dog fights in Amersfoort, Zeist and Soest. 

Aug 23 '19 10:10

Four suspects from Amersfoort and Zeist are being prosecuted for organizing at least five dog fights in Amersfoort, Soest and Emmen. In the summons against them, the Public Prosecution Service describe the four as a criminal organization, Nieuwsuur reports based on the summons.

Aug 25 '17 11:40

This week the police arrested three people from Amersfoort and Soest in connection with dog fighting. The police believe they form part of a criminal organization responsible for organizing dog fights, the Telegraaf reports.

The suspects are between the ages of 30 and 33 years. All three were previously in custody, also for organizing dog fights in a number of locations.

Oct 7 '16 09:48

The Utrecht police believe they dismantled a dog fighting ring with three arrests in Amersfoort, Zeist and Soest. A total of 25 pit bulls were rescued, including 11 puppies.

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