Apr 17 '14 11:48

Police have been issuing fewer gun licenses in recent years and many are being revoked.

Mar 21 '14 11:11

Dutch supermarkets' top-100 A-brand products have had a turnover increase of only 0.3 percent, which is the worst result since 1998.

Police sign
Mar 6 '14 13:14

According to crime figures published by the police, there was less crime in 2013 than the previous year.

Apr 16 '13 15:12

In the next seven years retail space in urban areas will decrease with 2 million square meters. Consultancy firm Booz & Company reported this at the request of the Dutch financial newspaper, Het Financieel Dagblad.

Apr 12 '13 17:01

Most Dutch experienced a reduction in their salary last year. Wages decreased most in the agricultural sector (-6,6 percent) and in hospitality (-3,5 percent). Employment website Monsterboard concluded this after questioning 14 thousand people for the Wage Index, de Loonwijzer.

Apr 12 '13 16:07

The number of complaints about unsolicited phone calls decreased with 38 percent to 8332 in 2012. This means that the Dutch don’t-call-me-register, the Bel-me-niet-register, works. Zsolt Szabó, chairman of the organization that developed the register, said this on Friday.

Apr 11 '13 18:25

House prices still decrease, but not as fast as in 2012. The bottom of the market is in sight. NVM, the biggest broker organization in the Netherlands, announced on Thursday that the average price of a house is now 206 thousand euro, 5,5 percent lower than a year ago.

Apr 3 '13 15:46

Copper theft from Dutch railways decreased in 2012 because of the deployment of special intervention teams. The Dutch railway administrator ProRail concluded this in their annual report.

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