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Jun 12 '17 16:55

The Dutch economy will grow by 2.5 percent this year - the highest growth in a decade, Dutch central bank DNB expects. The economy is doing better in all aspects, but wages are still lagging behind, the bank said in its latest estimate on Monday, NOS reports.

DNB's expectations are rosier than the central planning office CPB's estimates in March. The CPB then predicted economic growth of 2.1 percent. The office is releasing its latest estimates on Wednesday. The Dutch government uses CPB estimates to make its policy.

Jan 30 '17 16:10

Dutch central bank DNB expects the Dutch economy to grow by 2.3 percent this year, according to an estimate the bank published on Monday. This is a much higher growth than the 1.9 percent growth expected in the bank's previous estimate published in June last year, ANP reports.

For next year DNB expects economic growth of 1.7 percent, lower than the 2 percent growth expected in the previous estimate. In 2015 and 2016 the Dutch economy grew by 2 and 2.1 percent respectively.

Jan 27 '17 16:05

The Dutch authorities intercepted a total of 47,200 counterfeit euro bank notes in 2016, a decrease of 29 percent compared to 2015, the Dutch central bank DNB announced on Friday. Just below 75 percent of the counterfeit notes were 50 euro notes, reports. 

Jan 13 '17 14:10

Banks and trust companies can do much more to prevent corruption, such as money laundering and fraud, in football, the Dutch central bank DNB concluded after investigating how financial firms deal with the risk of shady practices in football, the Volkskrant reports.

Oct 6 '16 16:30

The Dutch central bank DNB is moving gold- and banknotes vault from Amsterdam to the Defense grounds in Zeist. About six billion euros in gold bars will be moved

Jul 26 '16 13:40

A few dozen people visited the Dutch central bank DNB on Monday to exchange their 100 guilder notes with a portrait of Michiel de Ruyter on for euros. Monday was the last day this note could be exchanged.

Deutsche Bank
Jun 27 '16 13:10

German bank Deutsche Nederland gave up its Dutch banking license to regulator DNB. From now on the German bank will offer customers services from Frankfurt and via a Dutch branch instead of an actual subsidiary in the Netherlands

May 20 '16 10:08

Dutch central bank DNB is deeply concerned about the "profound consequences" the superlow interest rates will have on the entire financial sector, director of Supervision at DNB Jan Sijbrand said on Thursday

May 18 '16 14:35

Last year Dutch consumers made more debit card payments than cash payments for the first time ever, according to Dutch central bank DNB and Payments Association Netherlands

Apr 29 '16 12:35

De Nederlandsche Bank's call for employers to give employees bigger wage increases is "nonsense", Cees Oudshoorn of employer's organization VNO-NCW said to Financieele Dagblad. According to him, higher wages will only increase unemployment.

Apr 28 '16 11:15

Wage increases for Dutch employees was lower than was economically justified last year, according to a study by Dutch central bank DNB. The low salary increases put workers' purchasing power under pressure, which is damaging to the Netherlands' economy

Mar 31 '16 14:15

Dutch central bank DNB launched an investigation into possible money laundering in professional football. The financial authority is investigating banks and trust companies to find out whether the financial sector is properly able to recognize and address match fixing and shady transfer deals, DNB announced on Thursday

Feb 26 '16 13:25

It is unrealistic to think that wages will increase in the near future, according to an article in the Dutch central bank DNB's magazine the DNBulletin

Feb 24 '16 12:55

The Dutch Central Bank DNB is considering moving its vault o a different location. The vault contains 189 tons of gold and an unknown amount of cash

Jan 22 '16 15:10

De Nederlandsche Bank saw a significant increase in the number of counterfeit euro banknotes seized in 2015. Last year 66,500 counterfeit euro notes were seized in the Netherlands, an increase of 37 percent compared to the 48,700 seized in 2014, DNB announced on Friday.

Dec 22 '15 08:31

More government budget cuts may be inevitable, according to Klaas Knot, president of De Nederlandsche Bank. "If the structural deficit increases, politicians will again have to take a critical look at government spending", he said

Dec 7 '15 14:16

An exploratory analysis by the Dutch central bank (DNB) predicts that the influx of refugees will have a small positive effect on the Dutch economic growth in the short term, especially on the spending effect due to higher government expenses. The organization predicts the Netherlands will take in a total of 160,000 people seeking asylum from 2015 through 2017, with roughly 80 percent gaining legal refugee status, the DNB said in its December report, "Economic Outlook and Prospects."

Nov 24 '15 14:40

The new 20 euro note will enter circulation in the Netherlands tomorrow, De Nederlandsche Bank announced on Tuesday. The new note incorporates new developments in banknote technology that makes it even harder to forge.

Credit cards
Nov 5 '15 13:28

For the first time ever Dutch consumers paid for more retail transactions with their debit cards than in cash last year. Over all sectors consumers used less cash last year than in previous years, but they still paid for more transactions with cash than their cards.

Nov 4 '15 14:50

ABN Amro announced today that investigations around its Private Banking office in Dubai have been completed, and the company is to pay around 1.1 million euros in fines due to shortcomings of its money laundering protection procedures and controls.

ABN Amro
Sep 21 '15 15:36

ABN Amro's financial director Kees van Dijkhuizen has a function as a board member of King Willem Alexander and other members of the royal family's "financial holding company" that is not mentioned in any of the bank's documents.

Sep 7 '15 15:45

Migraines cost Dutch businesses 1.7 billion euros every year, according to calculations by the Dutch Central Bank. About 3 million Dutch people suffer from migraines, with more than 70 thousand people having an attack every day.

Aug 3 '15 08:58

Delta Lloyd's chief financial officer Emiel Roozen has resigned due to conflict between the insurer and De Nederlandsche Bank over confidential information.

Jul 23 '15 10:00

German car manufacturer Volkswagen and banker Friedrich von Metzler are selling Dutch auto lease company LeasePlan to a group of investors for 3.7 billion euros.


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