Afghanistan construction center graduates third class
Nov 21 '14 09:27

The arrival of migrant workers from Central and Eastern Europe has caused the displacement of Dutch employees in a number of industries. It is cheaper for employers to hire staff through foreign companies as they often don't have to pay social insurance or make pension contributions.

Bread and butter
Aug 14 '14 11:47

Because of the Russian boycott, the prices of milk powder and butter have dropped in price. Wholesale butter dropped from €342 to €335 per hundred kilograms, and milk powder from €292 to €257.

An NS train waiting on the tracks (Photo: TahR78/Wikipedia)
Apr 23 '14 08:55

Dutch Railways (NS) wants to raise the price of train tickets during peak hours, according to new transport agreements with state secretary Wilma Mansveld, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

house for sale
Apr 22 '14 14:01

The prices of owner-occupied houses in the Netherlands have dropped 2.1 percent in March, compared with March 2013. Housing prices in February 2012 were 1.7 percent cheaper than in February 2013.

no image
Feb 6 '14 08:11

Better prices means more and more Dutch people are going across the border to Germany for their food shopping.

no image
Apr 11 '13 17:21

“Health insurance needs to become cheaper after the providers made a profit of 1,4 billion euro last year”. A representative of patient association NPCF said that on Thursday.

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