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Den Bosch central station
Jun 15 '18 07:31

Den Bosch station was evacuated twice on Thursday night. First because a man said he left a bomb at the station, and then after a report of an armed person on a train. According to the police, the two incidents are not connected, NU.nl reports.

Dec 10 '14 09:54

The editors of Elsevier have named Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam the Dutchman of the Year for 2014. Chief editor of Elsevier Arendo Joustra made this announcement yesterday at the city hall of Rotterdam.

Oct 30 '14 14:40

A group of Hague asylum seekers without legal status have to be out of the winter shelter for the homeless by no later than Saturday. The Hague made that emergency shelter available two months ago after the evacuation of the cracked Sacrament Church.

Oct 24 '14 10:32

The central station in Tilburg will be closed for two more days due to construction work.

Oct 3 '14 08:00

The municipality of Utrecht will be unreachable until Tuesday, according to the NOS, as the city's civil servants are making a big move to a new office. Municipal workers from thirteen different locations will now be housed in one collective municipal office.

Sep 15 '14 09:49

In Utrecht, construction has started on what is to be the world's biggest bicycle parking center. The structure, which will be built under Utrecht Centraal Station, will have the capacity to hold 12,500 bicycles, the NOS reports.

Feb 21 '14 04:31

The City of Amsterdam will invest a total of €200 million in the Long-Term Cycle Plan 2012-2016, to combat bicycle related parking issues and improve the cycle network in the City. Amsterdam locals are currently cycling about 2 million km a day, and bicycle usage has grown with 40 percent over the past 20 years. The plan will provide 40,000 extra bike parking spaces in addition to 15 km of new bike lanes.

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