Central Collection Agency

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Feb 2 '16 09:39

In January 32,848 scam emails were reported to online fraud hotline Fraudehelpdesk.nl. That is almost double the 16,705 reports received in December, the hotline announced on Monday.

Jan 29 '16 10:15

The police are launching a small-scale experiment in clamping cars to encourage owners to pay their outstanding fines. The experiment will run from February 1st to July 1st in Rotterdam, Amersfoort and Roermond, the police announced on Thursday.

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Dec 28 '15 08:46

The police rarely act against people lighting fireworks outside the legally permitted lighting times between 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. on New Year's Eve, according to figures newspaper AD got from the Central Collection Agency.

Jul 8 '15 10:38

The number of fines issued for cycling without lights decreased significantly in 2014 compared to 2011. Last year 44,316 of these fines were issued, compared to 73,008 in 2011, AD reports based on figures from the Central Collection agency.

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