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Nov 19 '15 18:40

When David Bernet set out in 2009 to direct Democracy, a documentary that throws a spotlight on the inner workings of the European Parliament, he knew he needed a topic that would be relevant for years to come. It was still four years before Edward Snowden leaked classified information about the United States government’s global surveillance, and accused the Netherlands of kowtowing to U.S. spying demands (the Dutch denied the accusation).

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May 8 '15 14:32

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP) and Facebook cease their ongoing legal battle, as both parties reported earlier this week. CBP recently imposed a conditional penalty on Facebook for not sharing all information that the agency required for an investigation of privacy violation.

Lady Justice
Apr 30 '15 11:48

Organizations are increasingly turning to the court to try and block Dutch Data Protection Authority's publications. According to the privacy watchdog, they fear that their reputations will be damaged if it is revealed that a CBP investigation found that they have misstepped.

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Feb 6 '15 11:46

The Tweede Kamer (lower house of parliament) wants the Data Protection Authority (CBP) to be able to immediately impose fines of up to 800 thousand euros for gross violations of privacy, NOS reports.

Dec 17 '14 10:35

The Data Protection Authority (CBP) wants Facebook to postpone the introduction of its new privacy policy while they investigate it. The agency announced on Tuesday that they have asked Facebook in a letter not to make the changes yet.

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Dec 15 '14 23:11

The Dutch Data Protection Authority has found Google in breach of several provisions of the Dutch data protection act with its new privacy policy, according to a press release by the CBP. Google could face a €15 million fine because of the alleged violations.

Dec 4 '14 14:11

Benefits Authority UWV unjustly gave its Irish colleagues of the Department of Social Protection too broad access to the full database with benefits data. This concludes the Data Protection Authority (CBP) in a report.

Nov 25 '14 11:59

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP) may soon have the power to hand out higher fines and in more cases.

Nov 20 '14 11:41

Randstad and Adecco, two of the largest Dutch temporary employment agencies, violate the privacy laws of their workers at different points.

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Mar 5 '14 13:24

Health care in 2015 will be limited to €20 on a yearly basis. Temporary government contributions subdue the premium rise for citizens and employers.

Feb 25 '14 07:21

WhatsApp has collected the phone numbers of millions of people, even if they don't use the app themselves.

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Feb 5 '14 15:57

The Tax department collected income data from all tenants in the Netherlands last year and made the information available to lessors, thereby violating the Dutch Data Protection Act.

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Jan 9 '14 18:09

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP) has concluded after investigation that the company Media Markt filmed staff covertly, which is against the law.

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Nov 14 '13 04:31

The investigation into the eavesdropping practices of the U.S. NSA is extended to bank accounts

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Aug 15 '13 08:20

The country’s recession will be deeper than earlier estimated. This will cause increase in joblessness and weakening of government finances, based on the latest official forecasts on Wednesday.

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Apr 18 '13 17:30

The police and justice are allowed to use unmanned airplanes to keep an eye on people, as long as they adhere to certain conditions. Jacob Kohnstamm, chairman of the Dutch college that protects personal details, College bescherming persoonsgegevens (CBP), said this on Thursday.

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Apr 18 '13 17:29

Local authorities and organizations have to be more careful when collecting and exchanging personal data. The Dutch college for protection of personal data, College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (CBP), wrote that in their annual report of 2012.

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