Cape Verde

Marine Club Beach Resort Boavista, Boa Vista, Cape Verde
Dec 29 '16 08:12

A sandstorm on the Cape Verde island of Boa Vista on Christmas Day has 80 Dutch tourists still stranded at their holiday destination. "It's never been so bad. Normally a sandstorm does not stay long in the same place", Petra Kok, spokesperson for travel agency TUI, said to newspaper AD. She emphasized that, while stranded, the tourists are safe. "People can simply stay in their hotel and the situation outside is not dangerous."

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May 6 '16 14:10

The body of a missing Cape Verde ship worker was found in Hondiep, near the Groningen Gaarkeuken on Thursday, the Groningen police announced. The man fell overboard and disappeared underwater in April.

Aug 6 '15 09:37

Emergency services in Cape Verde have been searching for 13 year old Rotterdam Kelvin Cabral boy since Sunday. He disappeared under the water on the island of Sao Nicolau after being swept by a wave. Five bodies have been recovered so far, but there is still no trace of the boy

Tiago's computer
Jun 6 '14 17:03

A 10-year old handicapped boy named Tiago was given a new computer when thieves stole his old one from his home in Hoogvliet, Rotterdam. The boy used the expensive computer as a communication tool which his mother says "he can't go a day without".

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