caesarian section

May 9 '18 17:20

A pregnant woman who was r, passed away. Her baby, who was born in the bakery through an emergency caesarean section, is still in the hospital in critical condition, a spokesperson for the police confirmed to RTL Nieuws.

May 7 '18 15:40

A baby was born in Bakery Risseeuw in Hulst on Monday morning, shortly after the mother went into cardiac arrest. The mother was resuscitated. Both she and the child were rushed to hospital, AD reports.

The pregnant woman became unwell in the bakery on Stationsweg around 10:30 a.m. Emergency services responded in large numbers. The mother was resuscitated and the baby was brought into the world through a caesarean section. 

Nov 2 '16 11:30

Women who gave birth with a ceasarean section are at higher risk of needing abdominal surgery shortly after giving birth, according to a study by Leiden's UMC. In 30 percent of these cases the woman loses her uterus, reports. 

According to doctor Tom Witteveen, who will be awarded a PhD for this research on Wednesday, these caesarean sections can lead to the uterus rupturing, severe internal bleeding or strong vaginal bleeding. Abdominal surgery often hapens directly after childbirth. 40 percent of these cases involve women who just had their first child. 

Mar 12 '14 14:39

One out of five women who have a C-section experience problems afterwards, in some cases to the extend they want the uterus removed, even if they still have a desire for more children, according to a study by Obgyn's of VUmc in Amsterdam.

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