breeding program

Nov 26 '15 09:31

The Dierenrijk zoo in Nuenen welcomed two new arrivals. Polar bear Frimas gave birth to two healthy cubs over the weekend. According to the zoo, mother and cubs are doing well and are still in the birth cage, while father Henk is waiting impatiently outside.

False gharial
Mar 20 '14 11:01

The false gharial, also known as the Malayan gharial or false gavial, that arrived at Amsterdam zoo Artis last year, has passed away. According to Artis, the dominant mating behavior of the male gharial was what killed her.

Aug 12 '13 04:53

The Asian elephant that was born on Saturday in the Rotterdam zoo ‘Diergaarde Blijdorp’, is a female. It is the second Asian elephant born in the Netherlands this year. In July, a male was  born in Emmen Zoo.

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