Borssele nuclear plant

Aug 6 '18 13:10

The Borssele nuclear power plant will remain shut down in the coming days for an extensive inspection. The plant shut down automatically on Saturday afternoon due to a malfunction. Operations will only restart after the inspection is done and the cause of the malfunction is found, a spokesperson for the Zeeland electricity producer EPZ said to newspaper AD.

The malfunction occurred in the reactor safety system. "The nuclear power plant is designed in such a way that it automatically goes to a safe state", the spokesperson said. The cause of the malfunction is under investigation.

Oct 4 '16 12:30

If electricity prices stay at their current level or decline further, losses suffered from the struggling Borssele nuclear plant can amount to 500 million euros, according to an investigation done by consultancy Spring Associates

May 18 '16 15:25

Greenpeace is concerned abut the safety of the nuclear power plant in Borssele since the nearby coal plant closed in November last year. According to the environmental organization, the coal plant closing left the nuclear plant with insufficient independent power supplies to guarantee safety

Feb 19 '14 17:11

The Borssele nuclear plant is safe enough to remain open for 20 more years until 2033, decided the Council of State, dismissing the objections Greenpeace had made.

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