beer bike ban

A beer bike in Amsterdam
Feb 20 '19 13:20

Amsterdam is extending its ban on beer bikes in the center of the city to also include the eastern part of the city center, mayor Femke Halsema wrote in a letter to the city council. There have been many beer bike related complaints from Amsterdam Oost, which have been confirmed by enforcement officers, Het Parool reports.

Nov 1 '17 12:30

Beer bikes are no longer allowed in Amsterdam city center. On Tuesday afternoon the court ruled that the city is allowed to ban beer bikes from the city center, and Amsterdam implemented that ban on Wednesday, Het Parool reports.

Beer Bike (Source: Wikimedia/PPyland)
Apr 11 '17 09:33

The municipality of Amsterdam plans to ban beer bikes from the city center as of November 1st, Mayor Eberhard van der Laan informed the city council on Monday, Het Parool reports.

Beer Bike (Source: Wikimedia/PPyland)
Dec 13 '16 14:35

Banning beer bikes from Amsterdam central is disproportionate to the nuisance they cause, according to Rusita Ruitenberg Segall, who represents four beer bike operators fighting against the city for the possibility to keep their businesses running. Especially disproportionate as some of the complaints the ban is based on, are fake, the lawyer said, Het Parool reports.

Beer Bike (Source: Wikimedia/PPyland)
Dec 6 '16 17:10

The beer bike can stay in Amsterdam city center for the time being. The court in the city ruled that the municipality needs to find better support for the area ban they planned to implement on January 1st, ANP reports.

Oct 4 '16 09:44

As of January 1st beer bikes are no longer welcome in large parts of Amsterdam city center. The municipality decided they cause too much trouble

Aug 25 '16 08:48

The PvdA and D66 are preparing a ban for beer bikes in Amsterdam-West. These bars on wheels will no longer be allowed in Amsterdam Center, which makes the parties fear that they will move into other city districts

Beer Bike (Source: Wikimedia/PPyland)
Dec 16 '15 08:44

The Amsterdam Mayor and Aldermen submitted a proposal to the city council to ban beer bikes from the city center. Sustainability alderman Abdeluheb Choho also plans to create an environmental zone in the city center banning polluting scooters.

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