Beer bike staying in Amsterdam center for now

The beer bike can stay in Amsterdam city center for the time being. The court in the city ruled that the municipality needs to find better support for the area ban they planned to implement on January 1st, ANP reports.

The municipality also has to carefully investigate what effects such a ban will have on beer bike operators. These portable bars are a popular tourist attraction in Amsterdam. The verdict also states that it is unclear whether the Amsterdam college of mayor and aldermen were involved in Mayor Eberhard van der Laan's decision to ban beer bikes in Amsterdam center.

The Amsterdam municipality wants to ban beer bikes from the city center because it causes major inconvenience. Van der Laan is responsible for public order in the city. But in banning the beer bike, the safety and inconvenience to traffic were also taken into account, which is the college's responsibility. The court stated that the mayor should therefore reconsider the support of this ban. 

Beer bike operators took the matter to court.