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European Union
Mar 9 '16 08:39

A massive 27.4 percent of Dutch voters have no idea that there will be a referendum on the association agreement between the European Union and the Ukraine in April, according to a study done by research firm Ipsos, Kieskompas and newspaper Trouw.

Feb 26 '16 15:30

Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independent Party, will be giving a speech in Amsterdam on April 4th, two days before the referendum about the association agreement with the Ukraine.

Feb 18 '16 14:06

The Dutch government recruited dozens of Dutch celebrities and opinion leaders to convince the public to vote "yes" in the so-called Ukraine referendum, according to a comprehensive communication strategy around the referendum

Feb 8 '16 10:07

The vast majority of the Dutch population thinks that Democrat Hillary Clinton should win should the United States' presidential elections in November come down to a show down between her and Republican Donald Trump. A massive 76 percent favor Clinton, against 16 percent for Trump, according to the latest poll by Maurice de Hond

European Union
Jan 1 '16 11:38

Starting today the Netherlands is the president of the European Union. And with divided politicians, critical citizens and international tensions putting the Union under pressure, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his ministers are set to have a difficult term

Nov 26 '15 10:08

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko is very hopeful that the Netherlands will vote for the association agreement with Ukraine in the referendum in April next year. He stresses the importance of Dutch people's right to express themselves in a referendum, though he calls the voting "corn on Putin's mill"


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