Amsterdam Science Park

Pieces of the University of Amsterdam Science Park's roof blown off by hurricane strength winds, 18 Jan 2018
Jan 18 '18 12:06

Three people were hurt by falling pieces of ceiling at Schiphol Airport outside departure halls 1 and 2 on Thursday, a Schiphol employee confirmed to NOS. The pieces of ceiling were blown loose by hurricane strength winds. 

Departure halls 1 and 2 were evacuated and are closed until further notice, according to the broadcaster. Passengers can check in at departure hall 3. 

Equinix's data center AM4 opened on Amsterdam's Science Park, 5 Jul 2017
Jul 6 '17 16:10

AM4, the largest data center in Amsterdam and the largest in the Netherlands that can be used by multiple companies, opened its doors at the Science Park in Amsterdam on Wednesday. The new data center is owned by American company Equinix and was built in order to meet Amsterdam's growing demand for data traffic, AD reports.

Sep 11 '15 11:54

Relatively new stations seem to attract more rail passengers. Six stations that were opened in the past few years saw an increase in the number of passengers of more than 15 percent in the period 2013-2014.

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