Police tape seals crime scene for forensic investigation
Mar 7 '18 12:00

The Dutch police impose unrealistically high expectations on alibis, which can have serious consequences for innocent suspects, according to PhD research by criminal psychologist Ricardo Nieuwkamp of Maastricht University. Only 2 percent of innocent suspects are able to give the police an alibi that they will accept, the Volkskrant reports.

Lady Justice
Mar 30 '15 16:06

The public prosecutor is calling for sentences equal to life in prison for Adil A. and Anouar B., suspected of murdering friends of a rival gang member, and shooting at their rival as well as two motorcycle police officers with a Kalashnikov rifle. The incident terrorized the Staatsliedenbuurt neighborhood in Amsterdam in December 2012, and left Youssef Lkhorf and Said El Yazidi dead.

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