Wage gap
Mar 28 '19 13:00

People in the Netherlands are less concerned about salary differences between men and women than people in the rest of Europe, according to a study by HR and salary service provider ADP. In Europe 60 percent of employees said they would consider looking for a new job if it was clear that women at their current job earn less than men. In the Netherlands only half of respondents said they would do so, AD reports.

Feb 28 '17 09:57

Dutch workers are the happiest of all workers in Europe, according to a study by HR service provided ADP. More than three quarters of Dutch workers are satisfied with their work, relationships with colleagues and stress levels, the study found. Workers in Italy are the least satisfied, RTL Nieuws reports.

The study was done among 10 thousand European workers, including 1,300 Dutch.

Dutch workers are especially satisfied that they have the opportunity to work from home, a good balance between work and private life and a good relationship with their colleagues.

Woman with a wallet full of euros
Jan 5 '17 14:25

Almost all Dutch workers will get out a higher net salary in 2017, according to payroll administrator AD Nederland. People earning a gross salary of 1,750 euros will see the biggest increase, nearly 0.75 percent. That's about 11 euros net per month, reports.

Working Woman
Jul 7 '15 14:35

Demotion is becoming an increasingly popular option for employers. Almost half of Dutch organizations have demotion on the agenda for their personnel policy.

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May 7 '15 10:51

For the first time in years holiday pay is declining in the Netherlands. The new tax rules are taking a big bite out o the annual bonuses of people earning one and a half to two times the average income

Oct 1 '14 16:07

Almost half of the employers in the Netherlands asked their staff to take a lower position and less salary last year.

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