Airline FlyBe launches investigation into Schiphol crash landing

A FlyBe plane at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam
A FlyBe plane at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam . (Photo: Alf van Beem / Wikimedia Commons)

Airline FlyBe is cooperating in an investigation into a crash landing by one of its planes at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam last week. The plane crash landed next to the Schiphol runway on Thursday late afternoon. None of the 59 passengers were injured.

It seems that the plane's landing gear on the right side collapsed when it touched ground. Exactly what happened should be revealed in the investigation. The flight was from Edinburgh, Scotland to Schiphol.

"Our highest priority is the safety and well being of our passengers and crew", FlyBe chief executive Christine Ourmieres-Widener said to TTG Media. "Our pilots regularly train for situations such as this in simulators at our training academy in Exeter. Our cabin crew are also fully trained to deal with these situations professionally. We have sent a specialist team to offer assistance to the investigation and we will now do all we can to understand the cause of this incident."

One of the passengers on board the plane, Gary Campbell, told the Evening Telegraph that everyone remained calm after the crash landing and called it a strange experience. According to him, there was some turbulence as the plane approached Schiphol. The plane the "slammed to the ground" on its right side. "We then went up again for a few seconds before landing. The wing was scraping along the runway", he said to the British newspaper. "The doors were then opened and everybody got out - there was no screaming, no sweat. Everyone was looked after and calmed down."