Ajax supporters attacked after close victory at Go Ahead Eagles

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Two Ajax fans were attacked by a group of Go Ahead Eagles supporters in Deventer on Sunday after the Amsterdam team beat the Deventer team 3-0, the police said in a statement. 

According to the police, the two Ajax supporters were in their car trying to leave the Deventer stadium parking lot. Due to the crowds, they could only move at walking pace. At one point there was an altercation with Go Ahead Eagle supporters through he window of the car.

The Ajax supporters got out of the car, and a larger group of Go Ahead Eagles supporters turned on them. The driver got back into the car and left as quickly as he could. The passenger was left behind.

The driver drove towards a residential area at high speed, hitting another car in the process. As he was being followed, he sped off. After he lost his attackers, he returned to the stadium to report the incident to the police.

The left-behind passenger was threatened in the parking lot. He returned to the stadium and reported it to the police.

No one sustained serious injuries.