Part of Amsterdam city hall to be used as a market

Amsterdam's city hall the Stopera (Photo: MichielverbeekNL/Wikimedia Commons). (Amsterdam's city hall the Stopera (Photo: MichielverbeekNL/Wikimedia Commons))

The lower floor of Amsterdam's city hall may soon be turned into a market called Gemaakt in Amsterdam, or Made in Amsterdam in English, the Telegraaf reports.

A small 900 thousand euros was set aside to turn part of the so-called Stopera into a market. Exactly what it will look like is not yet clear, but it will be more open with more windows to create more of a connection with the adjacent Waterloo square.

According to the newspaper, the plan comes from a call from the municipality for ideas on how to better use the city hall's ground floor. Some 180 people submitted proposals ad Made in Amsterdam was the one chosen.

The Amsterdam city council still has to give its approval, but if all goes smoothly the market should open sometime next year.