Geert Wilders follows 17 Donald Duck profiles, porn actress Kim Holland

Geert Wilders Purmerend borders closed
Geert Wilders in Purmerend handing out flyers against the opening of an asylum reception center there. Oct. 6, 2015 (photo: PVV). (Geert Wilders in Purmerend handing out flyers against the opening of an asylum reception center there. Oct. 6, 2015 (photo: PVV))

Vocal anti-Islamist Geert Wilders used his hidden, personal Twitter account to follow 17 different Donald Duck profiles and Dutch porn business woman and actress Kim Holland, reported RTL Nieuws on Tuesday. He also used the account to follow dozens of journalists, despite often showing contempt for them as a whole in public.

“Stop the presses!” Wilders said sarcastically about the revelation when asked about the account. He asserted that much of the country has multiple accounts, and he has his primarily to make customer service requests to companies like KLM.

He claimed he did not know he was one of Kim Holland’s 39 thousand followers, but said he definitely is a big fan of Donald Duck.

“Sometimes, you have to fight a HARD battle in other ways,” Holland tweeted in response to the news.

Wilders will delete the account and its messages, and will create a new one in its place, now that he is being spammed with “a thousand messages per minute.” With his official account he follows nobody, and has 662 thousand followers.

The private account surfaced when Wilders excitedly tweeted from the wrong account the results of an October political poll that showed he was more popular than Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The tweet was quickly removed, and recreated from the official account.

After the revelation, Dutch speakers took to Twitter to make jokes at the PVV leader’s expense, with user @WillemZ_ speculating that Wilders biggest financier must be Scrooge McDuck, since nobody really knows who the largest benefactors of the PVV are. Similarly, @GrootArjende asked, “Do you all want more or less ducks?” referencing Wilders’ pledge to Hague-area supporters that he would reduce the number of Moroccans living there, a campaign event for which he was accused of hate crimes.

“Double account = double loyalties,” wrote Frank Kruijsbeek, poking fun at Wilders’ demand for an end to dual citizenship, and claim that dual nationals should not be allowed to participate in Dutch politics.

Jorik Simonides took pleasure in what topics were trending in the Netherlands following the RTL report. “Geert Wilders follows half Duck City on his private account. Result: Not Wilders, but Donald Duck trending. I like that.”