Shooting Almelo Station

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A 36-year-old man was shot and injured by police at the Almelo train station Sunday evening. The alleged robber was the subject of a manhunt that ended at the station.

Train traffic to and from Almelo (Overijssel) was shut down and part of the station was closed because of the shooting. The 36-year-old suspect does not have life threatening injuries.

The suspect, a man from Enschede, is accused of raiding an ice cream parlor "IJs en Zo" in the Wierdensestraat. He is said to have threatened two staff members with a knife and then fled with the loot towards the station.

The employees of the ice cream parlor were not injured. There were no customers present during the raid.

The alarmed Police tracked the man down at the railway station of Almelo, then shot the escaping suspect. It is not yet clear if the man was shot out of self-defense. The police could not say exactly what happened at the station. The State Investigation Department is investigating the shooting.

Immediately the station was closed and train traffic to and from Almelo halted due to the forensic investigation.

The NS (Dutch Railways) reported that the disturbance around Station Almelo lasted until early Monday morning. During the train interruption, buses ran from Almelo to Hengelo, Wierden and Vroomshoop.