Mar 17 '14 17:34

"The Crimea referendum violates the Constitution of the Ukraine and is a result of military aggression. The referendum was not recognized, therefore the results are not recognized," said Minister of Foreign Affairs, Frans Timmermans, in a response to the recently held referendum on Crimea.

Mar 17 '14 16:47

The government will again spend less on scientific research in the next few years, according to a preliminary report by the Rathenau Institute. Research funding will drop from €4.5 billion in 2014 to €4.1 billion in 2018.

Mar 17 '14 16:27

ING will postpone its plans for data sharing, announced ING board secretary, Nick Jue, in an open letter to the bank's customers, in a response to the storm of concerns and questions about privacy violations. Jue apologized for the confusion and inconvenience.

No image available
Mar 17 '14 15:43

There seems to be disagreement among the coalition parties about how Geert Wilders should be dealt with.

Mar 17 '14 15:15

Police and public prosecutions identified two new victims of a Cuijk child sex abuser, from pictures and images, found in a hidden space in a hallway closet of the suspect's home, announce the prosecution Monday.

making money
Mar 17 '14 14:48

Investments by foreign companies will create 5,300 new jobs over the next three years, announced the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) today during the publication of their annual report.

Mar 17 '14 14:45

Dutch pollster Maurice de Hond is predicting the D66 to be the biggest party in Amsterdam for municipal council elections on Wednesday.

Mar 17 '14 14:20

Spain is resuming the search for 51-year-old Martin Verfondern, a Dutchman who has been missing for four years now, according to Spanish media. It is not clear what prompted the decision.

Mar 17 '14 14:13

Possible voter fraud is also happening in the Frisian coastal municipality of Het Bildt. The CDA, in a folder, is offering to vote for those who are not able to do so via authorization.

Mar 17 '14 13:44

Minister for Security and Justice, Ivo Opstelten, is going to arrange swifter arrest actions over the border. At this time, a legal advice request to another country still has to be sent by post. Soon, this will be done via the internet.

Double decker train in Amsterdam
Mar 17 '14 13:09

Some of the NS double-decker trains will look a lot more modern in two years' time. The 418 cars will become more economical and more comfortable, a spokesperson announced on Monday.

Mar 17 '14 12:38

Parent association Boink thinks that children should be turned away from daycares if their parents make the conscious choice not to vaccinate them against illnesses such as measles.

Khalid K. as the scrupulous jihadist
Mar 17 '14 12:24

The jihadist from Almere who in January appeared on the internet posing with a severed human head, has resurfaced with a disturbing video on Youtube showing off even more heads.

Al Zaatari refugee camp
Mar 17 '14 11:04

The UN refugee camp Al Zaatari in the north of Jordan is going to receive aid from the municipality of Amsterdam, the Association of Dutch Municipalities and the cabinet, to help solve problems such as waste management and water access.

Working Woman
Mar 17 '14 10:40

The fact that so many Dutch women work part-time causes low productivity and therefore less economic growth. This, according to Yves Leterme, is a weakness of the Dutch economy, the AD reports.

Mar 17 '14 10:10

For new renters, social housing in Utrecht and Amsterdam has become almost €100 more expensive in the last year. For low-income households, the available homes are more often unaffordable because of this, which has also risen eviction figures, the Volkskrant reports.


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