Netherlands at the 2010 Winter Olymp
Jan 13 '14 13:14

Dutch speed skater Jan Blokhuijsen won gold while his teammate Koen Verweij seized silver model in the men’s European champion allround in Hamar, Norway.

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Jan 13 '14 12:45

Judging by the 8,500 kilograms of coke they confiscated in the first ten months of 2013, authorities in Rotterdam have probably set a new record for the city.

Jan 13 '14 11:41

A man who kicked a police officer in the head on old year’s day in Amsterdam was sentenced to six months in prison on Friday. Another man who bit two officers received two months conditionally.

Jan 13 '14 11:40

Diederik Samsom, a leader of Labour Party, said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte should not go to Russia to represent the Netherlands in Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

Jan 13 '14 10:24

Dutch speed skater Ireen Wust has retained European all-round title at the European Championships after winning the women's 1,500-meter event on Sunday.

Jan 13 '14 04:35

A 23-year-old man was shot by the police on the Waterlooplein in Amsterdam Saturday night, when he took off in his car, after a breathalyzer showed he was intoxicated.

Jan 13 '14 04:35

The Red Cross wants to supply all Dutch with a first aid card, containing important medical information for first aid responders, states the new CEO, Gijs de Vries, to ANP (Netherlands national news agency).

Jan 13 '14 04:34

Some 20 walking enthusiasts ended up with a wet suit, Sunday afternoon, when the pontoon bridge they were crossing at Den Nul in Overijssel, collapsed for unknown reasons.

Jan 13 '14 04:33

A 16-year-old boy was run over by police Sunday morning in the Noorderpark in Utrecht, when he tried to escape.

Jan 13 '14 04:32

The ex-husband of Claudia Oskam from Zevenbergen, who has been missing since Friday, was arrested Saturday night on suspicion of involvement in her disappearance, reported the police.

Jan 13 '14 04:31

"Schokkend Groningen" leader, John Lanting, was arrested during a protest on a NAM site in 't Zandt, Sunday. Lanting had gained access to NAM property by cutting through a wire fence, announced the police.

Jan 12 '14 04:45

Johan Cruijff thinks professional football players are overpaid. He made this statement during an interview with the Spanish news paper "El País."

Jan 11 '14 06:00

The Dutch Healthcare Authority has decided to reduce the fees psychiatrists charge for driver's license checks after many complaints, Nos reported on Friday.

Jan 11 '14 04:33

Many Dutch do not expect to be able to keep working until the age of 67, according to a study among 1,000 workers, by market researcher GfK, Friday.

Jan 11 '14 04:32

Michel S., a 40-year-old Amsterdam local, is suspected of sexually abusing about 400 children, using a webcam. The police received five reports so far, the first dating from 2012, according to a spokesperson for the prosecution to NRC.

Jan 11 '14 04:31

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features coffee shops suing Amsterdam, Fokker starting layoffs next month, the "Mars One" reality show, HEMA expanding to Spain and UK, a malware infection through Yahoo!, and a brazen street shooting in Amsterdam leaving one dead on the scene, in turn causing the Amsterdam Nieuw West district to work on initiatives to prevent kids from becoming "killing machines."


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