Coronavirus measures reduced accessibility for people with disabilities

The measures implemented by the government to curb the spread of the coronavirus also curbed people with disabilities' options for accessing goods and services, the Board for Human Rights said on Thursday based on reports received through its Easily Accessible hotline. The Board called on the government to ensure accessibility in all its corona protocols, and to involve organizations by and for people with disabilities in making these protocols.

The Easily Accessible hotline was open from May 14 to June 14. In that period, it received 147 reports - 122 about problems and 25 about solutions. 

The Board stressed that an important principle in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is being able to participate in society independently and on an equal basis. Many coronavirus measures stood in the way of this, the Board said.

In practice, the relaxation of measures and adjustment to the 1.5 meter society also puts people with disabilities at greater risk of social isolation, the Board stated. 

"The Board therefore urged attention for the rights of people with disabilities in the organization of the 1.5 meter society. The Board called for changes to be made to the protocols and for accessibility to be included therein. The most important point is that people with a disability themselves are involved in this," the Board said.