Fmr. Hague aldermen charged with belonging to criminal organization

Former aldermen Richard de Mos and Rachid Guernaoui of The Hague are being charged with participating in a criminal organization with multiple real estate and catering entrepreneurs, perjury, corruption, and violation of their official confidentiality, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) said on Friday.

The two politicians from Groep De Mos will likely be questioned in September and October, the OM said. After that the OM will decide whether further investigation is needed and whether the charges against the politicians need to be expanded or adjusted.

De Mos and Guernaoui's homes and offices in The Hague city hall were raided in October last year. They resigned as aldermen a short time later. According to the Public Prosecutor, they accepted bribes in exchange for permits. 

Investigation showed that they were also involved in leaking confidential information, preferential treatment, and bribing voters, the Prosecutor said.