Netherlands reports 19 more Covid-19 related deaths, nine hospitalizations

Covid-19: Reminder to stay 1.5 meters apart in Amsterdam Noord, 18 May 2020
Covid-19: Reminder to stay 1.5 meters apart in Amsterdam Noord, 18 May 2020NL TimesNL Times

Another 19 people in the Netherlands died of Covid-19, bringing the total number of coronavirus related deaths in the country to 6,132, according to public health institute RIVM's weekly update on coronavirus figures in the Netherlands. The dates of the deaths went largely unreported, but the RIVM confirmed that four of them occurred between June 28 and July 5. 

Nine more people were hospitalized because of Covid-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus. At least two of the hospital admissions happened on or after June 30. 

The total number of positive coronavirus tests increased by 432 to 50,694. The municipal health services have completed 681,931 mucus swab tests for the SARS-CoV-2 virus since March, including 61,263 in the week beginning June 29 and ending July 5. Nearly half, 47 percent, of completed tests were done after June 1, when testing was made more widely available to the public. 

Over the past two weeks a total of 956 cases of Covid-19 were reported to the RIVM. By far the most of these reports came from the province of Zuid-Holland at 386 reports. Noord-Holland came next with 170 reports, followed by Noord-Brabant with 116 and Utrecht with 98. Drenthe only reported one case of the coronavirus to the RIVM in the past two weeks, and Groningen two cases.

The RIVM stopped giving daily updates on coronavirus deaths, hospitalizations and tests at the start of July, switching to weekly updates as figures continued to decline.