Covid-19 in ICU stable; Police caution 160 over illegal parties

A mannequin wears a face mask in the window display of wedding shop Compagne in Hardenberg. July 3, 2020
A mannequin wears a face mask in the window display of wedding shop Compagne in Hardenberg. July 3, 2020NL TimesNL Times

The number of patients being treated for Covid-19 in intensive care on Sunday remained unchanged at 18, with other hospital departments treating 11 more patients compared to Saturday. In total, hospitals were treating 105 people for the coronavirus disease. According to data from public health agency RIVM, approximately two people have been admitted into the ICU over the past three days for Covid-19, and six new patients with the respiratory illness entered into hospitals since Thursday.

Ernst Kuipers, the chair of the Dutch acute care providers network, said the situation in intensive care was "stable." Intensive care units have treated 2,924 people from the Netherlands with Covid-19, including 866 who died in the ICU. Another 1,834 people were discharged after recovering from the disease.

Illegal parties broken up; Social distancing an issue

Meanwhile, two illegal parties were broken up by police overnight, including one in Zaandam which was broken up when police encountered several people wandering lost along the Ringdijk looking for the entrance to their underground fest.

"The people stood out because they walked on a road (Kanaalkade) where pedestrians are not allowed to walk," police said in a statement. Officers tracked down the location, and shut down the party on Ringdijk partly because it was on the upper floor of an "unsafe location" with poorly maintained entrances and exits. As many as 60 people were kicked out of the building after their identities were verified, with a 20-year-old Assendelft woman arrested for drug dealing.


Another party of about a hundred people in Vlissingen at an abandoned campsite was also broken up by police on Sunday morning. Participants neatly picked up after themselves on the way out the door, according to broadcaster Omroep Zeeland. There were no arrests.

Several reports suggested social distancing rules were not maintained by participants at either event.