Gyms, saunas, casinos reopen as Netherlands relaxes coronavirus rules

Mother and child wearing medical masks and cleansing their hands
Mother and child wearing medical masks and cleansing their handsFamVeldmanDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

Netherlands residents have more movement options from today as the country further eases out of its coronavirus related lockdown. Social distancing measures still apply, and nightclubs and discos are still closed, but most other things are possible again under certain conditions.

Here follows a list of coronavirus rule changes taking effect on July 1:

From today, all high contact professions are allowed to operate again. Hair salons opened in May already, but today sex workers can also resume their activities. People working in contact professions are also allowed more contact with their customers. 

Kids under the age of 18 don't have to keep  1.5 meters apart anymore. This means that schools can open completely after the summer holiday.

Gyms, saunas and casinos can reopen. Canteens at gyms and sports clubs can also reopen, though they are subject to the same rules as other catering establishments. From today, spectators are allowed in Dutch football stadiums again. They have to keep 1.5 meters apart and are not allowed to cheer or sing, as this increases the risk of spreading the coronavirus. The Eredivisie is set to kick off in September

Public transit is no longer reserved for only necessary trips. Though the goal is to prevent overcrowded trains, trams, buses and ferries. The advice is to avoid rush hour and crowds as much as possible. Wearing a mouth mask on public transit is mandatory. Tour buses and taxis can fill all their seats again, as long as everyone involved wears a mask and underwent a health check beforehand. Netherlands residents are also advised to wear a mask if they are traveling in a car with someone not from their household.

Inside activities, including in the catering industry, are limited to a maximum of 100 people per room, excluding staff. Everyone must have a seat. If reservations were made and health checks were done before hand, there is no maximum limit. For outside activities, the maximum is 250 people, unless everyone has a seat, reservations were used, and health checks were done.

Netherlands residents also have more options for going on holiday again starting today.

Night clubs and discos will remain closed until at least September 1. Hubert Bruls, mayor of Nijmegen and chairman of the Security Council, also said that Netherlands residents should not expect any major events or festivals to be held this summer.